Something Real (R) #2 BBS
SR2 BBS was my Bulletin Board System.
It operated free of charge since 1995 at nights
and on a 24 hour/day basis from early 1996 to late 1998

offering users a filebase of more than 2.5 gigabytes with 2 CD-ROMs online full-time
and access to major international message networks like FidoNet,
or the Hellenic message nets FidoNet Hellas, GrUnNet and DarkNet.

Addresses :
FidoNet :   2:411/39
GrUnNet :   30:3001/169
DarkNet :   777:20/108
Modem speeds :   1200-33600 BPS
Telephone Number : +30-ITS-GONE
Operated totally free, 24 hours a day.